Within Fiber Connect Latam 2022 Costa Rican edition, Artic Latam will present its new universal connector for pre-connectorized networks that seeks to help the deployment of telecommunications lines in the region, integrating proprietary technologies.

The SC/APC connector is compatible with pre-terminated systems of different brands. "It is a new technology that meets our objective of understanding the needs of the Latin American market and providing a quality response that allows progress in fiber optic connectivity", said Cristian Ramírez, COO of Artic Latam.

This new development complements the system OneClick of and it is proposed as a solution for those operators and service providers that already have pre-connectorized deployments of other brands. “With the new universal adapter from Artic, the client can integrate and develop supply and distribution connectivity networks without worrying about the type they have previously chosen”.


Commercial Attention Team in Latin America

Cristian Ramirez

Cristian Ramirez

Raul A. Fleman

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Patricio Devereaux

Carriers & Government
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Regional Product Engineer

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Marketing & Communication Manager
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Channel Partners México and Central America
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