As a member of the Fiber Broadband Association Operations Committee (FBA) LATAM Chapter, Raúl Andrés Fleman, Artic CTO, he was one of the instructors of the theoretical and practical course FCPI (FBA Certified Premises Installer) which took place on March 7 and 8 in person within the framework of AndinaLink 2023.

"From Arctic we feel grateful to the Fiber Broadband Association for giving us the opportunity to be part of the committee and transmit knowledge in these certification courses", said Fleman.

FCPI was aimed at people interested in acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge in the installation of passive optical elements of FTTx access networks., as well as in the evaluation and main criteria for the choice of elements of the drop network and general tests for the activation of clients.

The contents of the FCPI were divided into three modules. One of general passive elements and criteria for selection for the deployment of FTTx, another installation of passive elements FTTx, and a third on tests for the activation of subscribers.

The second module of the FCPI course was taught by Fleman and focused on topics such as aerial and underground laying of drop optical cables, field optical connector assembly (mechanics and soc) and optical rosettes. He also underlined that, training included hands-on labs covering drop cable design structures and applications, terminal rosettes and pre-connectorized systems.

Among the objectives of this seminar are the understanding of the main tests for the activation of subscribers (optical layer, ETH, Wi-Fi) and the preparation of students for the FCPI certification exam of the FBA LATAM Chapter.

"We feel very comfortable in this debut and we are convinced that we will be able to continue contributing to everything that the FBA proposes in terms of training and certifications", said Fleman.


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