Saint Paul, October 18, 2022

As part of Futurecom 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil, Artic Latam presented its brand new microduct system, specially designed for modern cities aiming to reduce the environmental visual impact and to run cable fast and safely.

“This technology optimizes space and cost, thereby cutting construction work and the investment required to build both urban and long haul optical networks", explained Raúl Andrés Fleman, Regional Sales Manager de Artic Latam. He added: "Thanks to a non-stick coating and micro-striations, we can exceed 1,600 meters of micro cable blowing with no intermediate chambers”.

The microduct system presented by Artic Latam includes, among other components, with microducts, couplers, caps, passage chambers, safety locking rings and branch closures.

We have made the decision to offer this system across Latin America as we strongly believe that innovation in the deployment of fiber optic networks will enable a sustainable development of these countries and the region to move towards a digital economy and smart cities with strong environmental awareness", said Cristian Ramírez, COO of Artic Latam.


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