For the second consecutive year since the International Technology Seminar (,) organized by Telecom was once again done face-to-face, Artic was present with a stand and presentation on the innovation stage.

From June 26 to 28, STI2023 managed to generate enriching days that combined exhibition of products, relationship, training and the possibility of presenting Arctic's vision on innovation issues and trends in optical connectivity technology.
During the three days, Telecom engineers and technicians passed through the Artic stand, showing great interest in the products and in how Artic manages to respond to the specific needs of the market..
In addition, Miguel Fernandez, Telecom CTO, visited Artic's stand, seeking to internalize the characteristics of submarine cables and components. Was received by Raúl Andrés Fleman, Artic CTO, with whom he had a chat about the technical characteristics of these products.
Artic's participation in SIT2023 allowed us to continue consolidating the company's position in an operator as important for Argentina and the region as Telecom.
“From Arctic we want to thank the organizers of this important meeting for the welcome and for the opportunity to show the solutions that we developed to advance with fiber optics in every corner of the country.”, said Ana J. Amaya, Director of Marketing and Communication at Artic.


Commercial Attention Team in Latin America

Cristian Ramirez

Cristian Ramirez

Raul A. Fleman


Regional Product Engineer


Ana Amaya

Marketing & Communication Manager

Pedro Victor Malvano

Channel Partners México and Central America