Organized by Fiber Broadband Association Latam Chapter (FBA Latam), The 15th of August, Raul Fleman, Artic CTO, offered the Webinar “Pre-connectorized from the sub-trunk to the subscriber's house” in which the evolution of fiber optic networks was addressed -both in quality and in capacity and flexibility of the laying-, that allow deploying optical infrastructure from the sub-trunk to the home of the subscriber.

Pre-connectorized systems are not only more efficient in times of implementation and activation of the service, but also eliminate glitches and errors during installation, are more versatile and allow for modular growth.

In the presentation made by the CTO of Artic, the different stages of connectivity of a passive fiber optic network were reviewed, and the components that make them up (boxes, cables, components and elements) and that are critical to the success of an end-to-end pre-terminated optical network.

The Webinar had more than 120 attendees who, during an hour of exposure, were able to access relevant content on FTTH pre-connectorized and evacuate all their doubts through questions that the CTO of Artic answered clearly and precisely..


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