Within Fiber Connect Latam 2022 Costa Rican edition, Artic Latam presented MultiClick, Your pre-connectorized solution that comes to complement the success of the system OneClick. Thus, Artic Latam offers fixed and mobile Internet service providers in the region with a complete pre-connectorized solution that goes from the backbone and sub-backbone network to the user's home, promising to revolutionize the deployment of fiber optic backbones and 5G in Latin America.

“The launch of MultiClick It is the result of our policy of listening to the needs of the market and providing a cutting-edge technological response that allows us to collaborate with the region., providing quality connectivity infrastructure that offers rapid deployment, safe, efficient and at a lower cost than traditional, noted Cristian Ramírez, COO of Artic Latam.

MultiClick It is a pre-connectorized solution whose cables have more fibers and can be used with the same compact boxes of the system. OneClick, but in fiber modules and connectors from 12 to 24 fibers. This enables work on backbone networks for both FTTX and 5G, “something that is essential for Latin America to definitively enter the Digital Economy and be able to continue with its development”, Ramírez highlighted.

For at least two years, the offer of pre-connectorized solutions for the deployment of fiber optics prevailed throughout the world. Their main advantages are that they are pre-assembled systems in the factory and already tested in the laboratory., and that, by not requiring splices or fusions, allow to improve and make more efficient the different construction parameters of a fiber optic network. Among them, implementation times, security of having an optical network working from scratch, plug-in simplicity&PLAY on display, cost reduction and flexibility to extend lines.

Con MultiClick, Artic Latam managed to bring this efficiency scenario to the trunk lines as well. Compact cables are used and stands as a lightweight solution, pre-connectorized, quick assembly in the field that does not require specialized technicians or fusions, and that adapts to the needs of building a backbone and sub-backbone network. While, for the last mile, Artic Latam has OneClick, a system that has already been successfully tested in different public and private operators in the region.

"Latin America requires a robust connectivity infrastructure for its socio-economic growth and fiber optics is the quintessential element for broadband to reach every corner of the region", said Raúl Andrés Fleman, Artic Latam's Business Manager. He added: "In we think about the best way to meet the particular demand of Latin America and we believe that our systems MultiClick and OneClick are the most suitable to respond to these needs”.


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