ARTIC FIBER OPTIC has products that meet the strictest international quality standards, which are part of four families of solutions that cover the different instances of deployment of a fiber optic network: BACKCBONE, FTTx, EQUIPMENTS & INSTRUMENTS y DATACENTER & NETWORKING. On this last case, and as a leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality and performance for the routing and distribution of optical cables in data centers, the company reaches the Latin American market with a new range of products, among which the raised technical floor systems stand out.

“We analyzed the needs of the regional data center market and noticed great growth in this segment, “product of new trends such as infrastructure as a service”, explained Raul A. Fleman, CTO of ARTIC FIBER OPTIC; and added: “We come with reliable and efficient solutions that allow us to guarantee fast and secure transmission of data”.

Among these solutions, Raised access floor systems are found in their different alternatives.: of aluminum, honeycomb, calcium sulfate antistatic, with air flow, of glass, fiberglass reinforced concrete (GRC), with wood core, with intelligent temperature control, antistatic steel, with ceramic cover, OA Network and antistatic all-steel, among others.

Features and applications. Both the aluminum system and the so-called “honeycomb” or intelligent temperature control system are widely applicable., for all types of computer rooms, network service room monitor control centers, electronic workshops, clean rooms, dust chambers and occasions requiring air conditioning and antistatic. Something similar happens with the antistatic calcium sulfate raised access floor or the one that has air flow., Typically used in telecommunications rooms and power plants, but they are widely applicable for sites that require an antistatic system.

In the case of glass raised floors, instead, They are mostly used in smart commercial buildings, large data centers, but also in computer rooms, network service room monitor control centers, electronic workshops. He also underlined that, They are often used in stairs of high-end villas, tourist bridges, pedestrian leisure streets, hotel floors, stadiums and other public places.

GRC raised access floor is widely used in smart buildings, office buildings and places where integrated cabling is required. While the wooden one is more used in computing and communications centers., data centers, power plants and microwave communications stations.

While ceramic-topped raised access flooring is widely used in computer centers, communications centers, data centers and power plants; can be seen in hospital operating rooms and examination rooms of electronic imaging and other electrostatic sensitive industries, such as military petrochemical and other flammable places. The all-steel antistatic floor has a similar use., although its applications include being generally used in microwave communications rooms..

In the case of places that require overhead and laying cables, OA Network floors can be used. This type of solution is also suitable for resurfacing cables in an old office building., although it has a wide spectrum of application, similar to floors with ceramic covering.

“We arrive with personalized and flexible solutions that adjust to the requirements of each data center, thus guaranteeing perfect integration and optimal and efficient performance”, concluded Cristian A. Ramirez, COO de ARTIC FIBER OPTIC.


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