ARTIC FIBER OPTIC agreed with the company MAGS Distribution to market the four Artic product solutions in Central America: Backbone, FTTx, Data Center & Newtorkin y Equipment & Instruments.

Thus, the technological forefront of ARTIC FIBER OPTIC continues to establish itself in the different countries of the region with a strong presence in the main telecommunications operators, government agencies that deploy connectivity policies and those ISPs that constantly invest in improving their FTTx infrastructure.

“Being part of a fiber optic cable manufacturing entity and being designated a distributor for Central America means a fundamental role in the region's perfect connectivity panorama.”, said Mauricio Cabrera, President of MAGS Distribution; and added: “Participating in the creation of these intricate but crucial components means playing a fundamental role in the backbone of modern communication systems.. Involves meticulous precision, technological prowess and a commitment to innovation to ensure the creation of a reliable communications infrastructure, high quality and high quality”.

Finally, Cabrera said that “Being named distributor for Central America carries the responsibility of extending these cutting-edge solutions throughout the region., facilitating better connectivity, better Internet speeds and strengthening the foundations for technological advances in various sectors. It involves fostering associations, ensure accessibility and offer not only products, but also comprehensive solutions that can revolutionize the way people communicate and connect within the region”.


Commercial Attention Team in Latin America

Cristian Ramirez

Cristian Ramirez

Raul A. Fleman


Regional Product Engineer


Ana Amaya

Marketing & Communication Manager

Pedro Victor Malvano

Channel Partners México and Central America