Artic Fiber Optic and Lynddahl Telecom reached a strategic alliance that will allow both companies to expand into new markets. In this way, Artic Fiber Optic connectivity solutions will arrive in Europe and Africa; and the Danish Lynddahl’s microduct systems will be able to be marketed in Latin America where Artic has a strong positioning and leadership perspectives.

Lynddahl is a Danish family limited company that, since 1973, is dedicated to development, design, production, storage and supply of hoses and pipes; and that, with its 50 years in the market, is recognized as one of the largest producers of hoses for all applications in Northern Europe, delivering to over 100 industries worldwide.

Lynddahl Telecom is a Lynddahl Group company, which was established in 2020 and whose focus is to develop, produce and deliver complete piping solutions for fiber optic installations. In 2023, Lynddahl and Lynddahl Telecom spun off their operations, leaving everything related to the production of microducts in the hands of Lynddahl Telecom.

“We celebrate this agreement that will allow us to reach our clients in Latin America with proven and quality microduct systems, once again positioning Artic among the most advanced suppliers in the region in offering cutting-edge products in optical connectivity”, said Cristian Ramírez, COO of Artic.

“Thanks to this alliance with Artic Fiber Optic, we will be able to develop the African and European markets that require deployments of merged and pre-connectorized fiber optic networks, recognizing in Artic one of the suppliers that cares most about quality, the design and efficiency of network cables and components”, said Jacob Petersen, Lynddahl vice president.

From this strategic alliance, Artic y Lynddahl, They begin to travel a path of global leadership whose main objective is to bring development, cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge connectivity solutions to the different corners of the planet.


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